Gerald Aungst is a teacher, author, and researcher, investigating alternatives to traditional mathematics education. Aungst possesses in-​depth understanding of digital learning and technology integration in the K‑12 classroom, which helps to engage all learners in a variety of ways. A brilliant writer, Aungst inspires teachers to consider progressive approaches to teaching and assessment for effective 21st-​century learning.

Mark Barnes

Author of Assessment 3.0 and ROLE Reversal, Brilliant or Insane

Gerald is a passionate educator with innovative ideas. He’s done an excellent job of infusing the Common Core into every aspect of curriculum development, and he’s able to lead large projects with ease. Gerald leverages every tool at his disposal to build relationships and stir change.

Kristen Swanson

Chief of Empowerment, BrightBytes

Gerald is a great listener. He truly pays attention to all points of view and is able to synthesize them into a workable whole for all members of the team. While I have not directly observed his work with children, many of the strategies he uses during adult professional development sessions demonstrates his hands-​on, interactive, creative approaches to teaching and learning. He is a tech expert who is always searching for and using the latest in 21st Century techniques.

Iris Parker

Principal, Cheltenham High School

I always am impressed with Gerald’s passion as an educator. His interest in keeping up with advancements in technology is only surpassed by his commitment in investigating the best ways in which to keep education relevant and meaningful for students.

Marianne Malmstrom

Educational Technology Consultant, Knowclue

Gerald has always proved to be a talented educator and resourceful colleague. His commitment and desire to have any project he is involved in succeed is not only inspiring but leaves an impression with all those who work with him. The paradigm of life-​long learning that he displays is what all school administrators should have at the forefront of their pedagogy.

Rich Kiker

Founder and Trainer, Kiker Learning

Gerald Aungst is a national leader on educational technology, and he has played an important role in sharing his expertise and modeling digital learning strategies as part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Digital Learning Day and Project 24.  Gerald’s grounded approach also focuses on what educators and school systems can do to make a true difference for student learning.

Gerald has demonstrated project based learning lessons that integrate digital learning in a way that allows other educators to understand what is possible for a national audience.  He has also presented on webinars and written blogs about the importance of systemic planning for digital learning, including on data & assessment, curriculum & instruction, and professional learning for educators.

Gov. Bob Wise

President, Alliance for Excellent Education

Whenever I have an idea that needs fleshing out, I know I can count on Gerald to provide honest, informed and intelligent feedback. We worked together closely to co-​author an ASCD article, which was a wonderful experience due to Gerald’s professionalism and attention to detail. He is a passionate, forward-​thinking and open minded educator and administrator.

Mary Beth Hertz

Founding Board Member, Edcamp Foundation

Gerald is a great leader and communicator. I have asked him to present for me because he is wonderful at making people feel at ease, sharing his vision, and organizing educators to follow through on a greater vision for education.

Shelly Terrell

International Speaker and Author, The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers

Gerald’s creativity and understanding of the learning process were extremely valuable in writing materials that would have broad appeal and application to groups of adults.

John Ratz

Associate Pastor, King Street Community Church

Gerald’s passion for effective instruction is evident in everything he does—working with students, collaborating with teachers, organizing and providing professional development activities, and leading colleagues through change. His style is professional, personable and encouraging, making him the right person to assist with innovative education initiatives.

Anne Beninghof

Author of Co-​Teaching That Works, Ideas for Educators

Gerald is always seeking new ways of reaching staff to create a positive ethos for change. He’s active in professional learning networks, both offering information, ideas, and resources to others as well as supporting others to process 21st learning work. He reaches out to build relationships, understands the nature of learning at high levels of thought and experience, actively engages in development work.

Dr. Pamela Moran

Superintendent, Albemarle County Schools

I have collaborated and even presented with Gerald and would describe him as professional, eloquent, creative and helpful. He has many wonderful ideas and is willing to share them with other educators to help them succeed. I would highly recommend Gerald for any position/​project.

Julie LaChance

Instructional Technology Specialist, Stanly County Schools

Gerald is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and passionate about his work and the success of the teachers and students under his oversight. He is also willing to go the extra mile, a characteristic reserved for the true educator!

Anne Spector

Director of Communications (retired), Cheltenham School District