NAGC Administrator Toolbox

The National Association for Gifted Education (NAGC) invited me to participate in a nationwide task force to develop an Administrator Toolbox to guide school and district leaders in supporting gifted education programs and services in their schools. I participated in work groups which wrote the fact sheets and produced videos describing the importance of gifted education.

From the NAGC website:

Because of the increasing number of requests for information for administrators about high-​ability and high-​potential learners, NAGC convened a task force of administrators to develop concise videos, fact sheets, and supporting documents  — tools that district leaders can use as briefing materials and as the starting point to advocate for and implement services for gifted students.

The materials in the toolbox address:

  • the rationale for gifted education services
  • the critical elements of gifted education programming
  • accountability for gifted student learning, and
  • the connection between gifted education and other district and school initiatives such as 21st century skills and Response to Intervention”