Revitalizing Assessment with Digital Tools

Session presented at ITEC 2014 in Des Moines, IA.

Twitter hashtags: #revitalize #pete2017

Session Materials

Revitalizing Assessment (slides in PDF format)

5 Characteristics of Good Digital Assessment Tools

Digital tools for assessment need to do 5 things in order to add value to the classroom:

  1. Collect and organize artifacts, both performances and products
  2. Provide ways for both teachers and students to provide and receive meaningful feedback
  3. Simplify the process of allowing for student voice, choice, and personalization
  4. Give a big picture overview (the map and the progress towards goal) as well as a ground level detail view (where I am now)
  5. Be simple enough to use that they can become embedded and transparent, used all the time


  • Substitution
  • Augmentation
  • Modification
  • Redefinition

For more on SAMR, see Kathy Schrock’s collection of information and resources.

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