Digital Storytelling with Interactive Fiction

Session presented at the 2012 NAGC Conference in Denver, CO.

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Session Handouts

Sequence and Consequence

Why digital storytelling?

Thinking physically changes the brain: Pascual-​Leone, A. et al. (1995). Modulation of human cortical motor outputs during the acquisition of new fine motor skills. Journal of Neurophysiology, 74, 1037–1045.

Fiction: Impossible

What is Interactive Fiction?

“I still believe that sitting down and reading a book is the best way to really learn something.” (Eric Schmidt) 

Learning as Cuisine

Reader, Author, World-Builder

Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary

A feature-​length film on the history and culture of interactive fiction.

Teaching with Interactive Fiction

“No matter how small an Adventure you write, it will take far, far more time and effort than you thought it would.” (Peter Kilworth)