Elementary Math

girl-at-board_1024I bring more than 20 years of experience teaching and supervising mathematics K-​​​​​6, so I understand the unique challenges of creating a culture and environment for depth and rigor in the elementary math classroom. Today it is more important than ever that elementary students learn transferable problem solving skills, and I can help you create curriculum and instruction to make it a reality.

My work in mathematics includes:

  • Redesign of a district elementary math program to provide deeper learning for all students, including professional development and supplemental enrichment resources, resulting in increased student growth
  • Training 250 K‑8 teachers in understanding the Common Core State Standards and aligning curriculum to those standards
  • A series of articles for principals to support staff development, highlighted in the June 2013 issue of ASCD’s Educational Leadership
  • Development of the Connected Teachers website to curate useful digital tools for teaching math and science

Services I can provide in this area:

  • Workshops for elementary teachers in math content and best instructional practices
  • Training in developing a mathematical problem-​solving culture in the elementary classroom
  • Consulting to design a rigorous, standards-​based elementary math curriculum which students and teachers will love
  • Review of your existing mathematics curriculum and instruction to recommend a plan of action