May Toolkit: What Not to Wear Do


There are two ways to implement any new set of standards: the right way, and the wrong way. Of course, the reality isn’t this neat and tidy, but there are definitely some errors to avoid during the implementation process. Read this article by Johnna Weller before the next faculty meeting:

Identify three or more of the “wrong ways” that particularly resonate with you, and which you believe you can help to prevent within your building and district. Now come to the next faculty meeting prepared with the following. Record on index cards, one item per card:

  1. One or two specific ways you can contribute to the success of our CCSS implementation. No contribution is too small! Record your name on the back of each card.
  2. One or two specific questions this article raises for you. (Names on these cards are optional.)


Try this activity in a faculty or team meeting:

It’s All About the Team

  1. Collect all question cards into a single pile. Each person should keep their contribution cards.
  2. Gather faculty into grade level or department teams, PLCs, or other existing groups.
  3. Take turns in the group doing the following (move quickly through this–do not spend a lot of time on discussion): 
    • Share one contribution you believe you can make
    • Describe an additional strength one of your colleagues has that you believe can contribute to successful implementation
  4. Read aloud one or more of the questions from the pile of cards. If a group has a team member who can answer the question, they should do so. If there are no ready answers, or if the question cannot yet be answered, set it aside in a separate pile for later review.
  5. Save any remaining questions for later sharing and discussion during team meetings, faculty meetings, or other opportunities.

BONUS: Post the list of questions on a shared document online and contribute answers and discussion throughout the month.


Think about the contributions you personally can make to

As usual, continue the daily practices from the previous Toolkits:

  • Alert, Predict, ConnectReflect
  • Design one lesson or activity a week around your chosen standard with the express goal of working towards transfer.
  • Continue to implement the shift you selected in the March Toolkit.


Join a community of learners online focused on instructional practices related to the CCSS. Some possibilities:

Coming next month…

Standards-​based lesson planning. (Yes, I know I said last month that that would be this month, but plans change. :)

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