I’m not a happy camper right about now. I just got back from a gifted IEP “meeting” for one of my children, and I can’t believe that in a district known for its outstanding academics we were subjected to a group presentation about our “individualized” plans.

As a gifted support teacher, I read about things like this every day. But until now it has always been in a school district far, far away. In the district where I teach, gifted services have been strong for many years. Still, my colleagues and I have advocated for further improving the way we serve our gifted students, and to the credit of my administration and our teachers, things have gotten steadily better year after year.

Tonight, the gifted teacher at my child’s school stood before us and read aloud the goals he had for our children for this year. The curriculum was actually quite impressive, and I’m satisfied that it is going to challenge my child in many areas, giving him experiences he wouldn’t otherwise have. But nothing in the plan mentions (let alone addresses) any of his unique qualities, abilities, or needs. I’m not even going to get into the fact that the contents of the GIEP are supposed to be confidential.…

I couldn’t help laughing at the irony of this statement that came at the end: “Now if you will all turn to the last page of your packet, please check the box that indicates your approval of the individualized plan I just went over with you and then sign at the bottom.” He then proceeded to collect all the packets from the assembled masses.

Our form is not yet signed.