Kevin Jarrett posted this article today and the title is absolutely on target:

Every. Educator. Must. Watch. This. NOW!

The video is amazing and I plan to share it with a number of administrators and teachers in my district. Watch it. Now.

I find it interesting that as I was watching it, though, I felt my cynicism rising and had to fight off the urge to brush it off as idealistic glurge while thinking, “Yeah, well, this is just one kid. What about all the rest of them…?”

Some have commented that he is obviously coached and delivering a speech written by someone else. So what? Many skilled motivational speakers do the same. In fact, a similar scene (with a not-​so-​different goal, now that I think about it) is taking place in Denver this week: a well-​rehearsed, well-​coached man will be giving a speech written by someone else which delivers an important and inspirational message to his audience.

I’m glad the cynic in me didn’t win. I honestly feel that if I can believe in my students and professional colleagues the way Dalton believes in himself and encourages his teachers to believe in him, any one of the students in my district could have been up there on that stage doing what he did. Any of them.

Now, all that’s left is to find a way to keep that attitude past the first week of school.…