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Author of 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom, from Corwin Press. A book for K‑12 teachers on creating a culture of innovative thinking and problem solving.


Leading expert in mathematics curriculum, digital literacy, and gifted education. Working with organizations including the Alliance for Excellent Education and the National Association for Gifted Children.


Experienced speaker and professional developer. Frequent presenter at conferences including ISTE, FETC, Educon, and NAGC. Helping schools to improve learning and advocate for equitable opportunities for all children.

Mathematics Curriculum

I bring more than 20 years of experience teaching and supervising mathematics, so I understand the unique challenges of creating a culture and environment for depth and rigor in the mathematics classroom. Today it is more important than ever that elementary students learn transferable problem solving skills.

Digital Literacy

Digital technology has changed the landscape of education, and schools must adapt their practices to keep pace. Teachers and students need new literacy skills, and my expertise and experience as the developer of AllAboutExplorers​.com make me uniquely suited to help transform learning in your school or district.

Gifted Education

A longtime educator and recognized leader in the field of gifted education, I bring a depth of knowledge and experience unmatched by anyone else. My unique approach integrates gifted services throughout a school, showing how best practices in gifted education support not only the exceptional learner but also every student through regular access to challenging opportunities.

Gerald Aungst is a teacher, author, and researcher, investigating alternatives to traditional mathematics education. Aungst possesses in-​depth understanding of digital learning and technology integration in the K‑12 classroom, which helps to engage all learners in a variety of ways. A brilliant writer, Aungst inspires teachers to consider progressive approaches to teaching and assessment for effective 21st-​century learning.

Mark Barnes

Author of Assessment 3.0 and ROLE Reversal

Gerald Aungst is a national leader on educational technology, and he has played an important role in sharing his expertise and modeling digital learning strategies as part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Digital Learning Day and Project 24.  Gerald’s grounded approach also focuses on what educators and school systems can do to make a true difference for student learning.


Gov. Bob Wise

President, Alliance for Excellent Education

Gerald’s passion for effective instruction is evident in everything he does—working with students, collaborating with teachers, organizing and providing professional development activities, and leading colleagues through change. His style is professional, personable and encouraging, making him the right person to assist with innovative education initiatives.

Anne Beninghof

Author of Co-​Teaching That Works, Ideas for Educators

Selected Presentations

Resources from some of my recent conference sessions are available here in the Presentations section.

Preventing the Zombie Apocalypse

Engagement can be elusive in the classroom. In this interactive session, participants experience strategies for designing a learning environment using digital tools to engage learners. Synthesizing current brain research, understanding diverse needs, and the common threads in the Common Core, we reimagine classroom culture.

Revitalize Assessment with Digital Tools

Assessment is too often limited to something you do after all the learning is done. This is too late for it to be of any real value to the learner or the teacher. Just like GPS navigation has revolutionized how we travel, digital tools can revitalize the way you do assessment in your classroom or school. In this interactive session, participants learn and use a variety of technology resources for making assessment not only useful, but even exciting and fun.

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